Lewis Dark leaves Swifts by mutual consent


MIDFIELDER Lewis Dark has left Swifts by mutual consent.

Swifts’ skipper (pictured) has struggled with a foot injury this season and missed a dozen games before his return to action at a late sub in this month’s win over Soham.

​Heybridge manager Jody Brown said: ​“Lewis expressed his concerns about not being in the team, which I felt were a little unfounded given his injury rehabilitation and the squad​’​s good form​.​

“He want​ed​ to play every game and c​ould not ​really see past that​. ​It was becoming detrimental to the group​’​s well being ​and​ Lewis was noticeably discontent so we agreed it was in everyone’s interest for him to move on​.

“​It’s particularly difficult for me ​as Lewis ​and I ​have enjoyed so many good times together over an ​eight-year period ​and ​he was my club captain​. ​But the club always has to come first​.

​“We’ve reached cup finals, an FA Cup ​first round, a ​second​ round, play-offs​ and​ taken some great scalps​ – ​and successfully battled relegation together​.​ I will forever be grateful for his efforts on the field for me​.​

“This season has been a special one and​ Lewis​ has been absolutely instrumental in it, playing close to 50 games​.

“The club has lost its skipper at a pivotal time and everyone will be sad to see him go but we must be united​. I’m sure Lewis will be supporting the group from afar​ and I ​personally will miss him​.”​

​Dark’s departure means ​James Baker​, who was signed from Harlow in February, ​has been ​appointed Swifts skipper.

​Brown added: ​“James came in at a tough time and his experience, commitment, maturity, and performances have made this an obvious choice​.

“​He appears to be level-headed in almost all scenarios and I’ve observed how he communicates with the group, with the officials, and with club members​.

​”I think he’s a great example to the group​ and hope we can build a relationship similar to the one that ​I had with ​Lewis​.”​