Swifts chairman Gary White sets out exciting five-year plan

SWIFTS chairman Gary White has set out a bold blueprint to make the Bostik North club a sustainable and self-sufficient £500,000-a-year revenue raising club in five years. 

Gary, a qualified accountant,  has already helped considerably boost the finances and profile of the Essex football club, which has just unveiled plans for a new all-weather 3G pitch at the Aspen Waite Arena.

And he has produced a 14-page PDF document which details the current youth-to-senior one-club set-up, how it hopes to engage more effectively with fans and the community, and why it is an attractive proposition for any new – and existing – sponsors.

It also highlights Swifts’ professional and growing online presence and average home gates approaching 300 this season.

Gary, who started following Swifts over 20 years ago when he moved to the area, said: “This business plan sets out the strategic objectives of the organisation as at the winter of 2018/19.

“It assesses these over the next five years in order to develop a clear and cohesive plan for the club that all officers and members can agree with and buy in to.”

Read the full HSFC five-year business plan by clicking this link